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Tam Versiyon: helps players earn New World Coins in an easier way
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New World is a fantasy-based MMORP game where players embark on an adventure on the island of Aeternum. New World Coins is an in-game currency that plays a very important role. Players can use it to buy upgrades, equipment and even possessions. Therefore, players who want to make a difference in the game tend to prepare enough New World Coins in advance.

Players can challenge side quests, town projects, and faction quests, which are the most basic ways for players to earn money in New World. Players can choose any one of the missions to complete, as they get roughly the same amount of coins and experience from those missions. However, it is very inefficient for players to only earn New World Coins from doing quests. Players can collect resources while completing missions.

In New World, players can also earn New World Coins by selling loot or equipment. Players earn rewards by killing mobs during missions, and then sell these items to vendors. This strategy can lead to considerable profits for players. As players level up, players can fight higher-level monsters that drop better gear.

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Players will be able to craft advanced gear and items as they level up in a particular class. Players can sell their crafting of these items on each of the different marketplaces for a decent profit. When the player's career is rapidly promoted, the player can not only control the price of the goods, but also have a large number of customers.

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