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Diablo 4 End Game Guide


Welcome to our Diablo 4 Endgame guide, where we'll explore the post-main campaign content and help you make the most of your time in the game. After completing the main campaign, you might wonder what lies ahead and what you should prioritize. Our guide will provide you with the essential steps to ensure you can accomplish everything you desire.

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So, without further ado, let's delve into the exciting world of Diablo 4's endgame content and discover the multitude of adventures that await you. First and foremost, your initial goal should be to reach level 50. If you haven't reached that milestone yet, don't worry. However, it's crucial to note that the Cathedral of Light, a significant dungeon located in the northern part of Kyovashad, features enemies around level 50, specifically around level 52 or 53. To navigate this dungeon successfully, it's recommended to be around level 50.

Therefore, focus on leveling up if you haven't already. If you've surpassed level 50, that's great! Once you've achieved the appropriate level, venture into the Cathedral of Light and complete it. This accomplishment will grant you access to Tier Three, where the majority of endgame activities await.

Within Tier Three, you'll find three primary activities to engage in. First, there are Tree of Whispers quests, which provide exciting and rewarding challenges. Additionally, keep an eye out for periodic hell tides, as they offer unique opportunities for you to test your skills. Finally, you'll want to concentrate on farming Nightmare Dungeons, which yield valuable rewards and resources.

The Tree of Whispers functions by assigning random objectives in various zones of the game that constantly shift their locations. These objectives resemble bounties, such as defeating monsters, clearing dungeons, and more. Each activity grants a specific number of points, which can be redeemed at the Tree of Whispers for a cache of goods. These rewards can range from powerful weapons and chess pieces to high-quality gear with superior attributes. Acquiring this gear can be particularly beneficial, especially if you're struggling with your equipment upon reaching World Tier Three. It is recommended to complete this process at least once to obtain a Nightmare Sigil, which grants access to Nightmare Dungeons.

Nightmare Dungeons are specialized versions of regular dungeons that require the consumption of a sigil to create. These sigils can be found in the consumables tab of your inventory. Nightmare Dungeons introduce a tiered system, starting with Nightmare Tier One, where players navigate the dungeon with both buffs and negative effects. Negative effects might include exploding enemies upon death or a persistent lightning hazard. These dungeons challenge players by periodically applying various positive and negative effects, making them more difficult to conquer. There are several reasons why engaging in Nightmare Dungeons is worthwhile.

Firstly, Nightmare Dungeons are typically populated with large groups of elite monsters, sometimes consisting of four, five, or even six elite groups at once. These elite monsters, which are often encountered sporadically in the game world or in regular dungeons, become abundant within Nightmare Dungeons. This abundance significantly increases your chances of obtaining legendary items, as the more elite monsters you defeat, the higher the probability of acquiring these coveted items. Completing a Nightmare Dungeon also grants the opportunity to allocate experience points to one of your paragon glyphs, further enhancing its power.

As you progress beyond level 50 and delve into the paragon system, you can allocate points on your paragon board to gain additional stats. Periodically, you will come across sockets on this board where you can slot glyphs with various effects. These glyphs serve as loot drops obtained from different activities in the game, including the Tree of Whispers and Nightmare dungeons. Once you acquire a desired glyph, you can slot it into the board, allowing its effect to become stronger as you level it up. You can assign glyphs of your choice, even if they are not currently in use, allowing for flexibility in experimenting with different glyphs and leveling them up accordingly. Advancing through higher nightmare tiers grants more experience for these glyphs, as the enemies become tougher, requiring a well-crafted build to overcome. However, the increased experience gained from higher-tier nightmare dungeons accelerates the leveling process for your glyphs, enabling you to reach higher levels more quickly.

Thus, your primary objective in nightmare dungeons should be to farm legendaries, specifically sacred legendaries. It's important to note that World Tier Three introduces a new tier of equipment known as sacred, which represents superior versions of previously encountered gear. Sacred items include sacred rares, sacred magic items, and sacred legendaries, all of which are upgrades from their regular counterparts. Alongside enhancing your glyphs and gaining experience for them, your focus should be on leveling up and replacing your existing legendaries with sacred versions that suit your build. Sacred items offer slight improvements over regular legendaries and can be upgraded one additional time, providing even greater bonuses. To fully capitalize on their benefits, it is advisable to make use of this extra upgrade opportunity.

Now, let's move on to the concept of hell tides, an intriguing occurrence that occurs in a specific zone of a map. These events transpire for approximately 90 minutes to 2 hours, bringing forth a sense of unpredictability. Upon entering these zones, you will encounter bolstered adversaries and falling meteors. Additionally, exclusive crafting materials, essential for enhancing your equipment, can only be found during these hell tides.

It is highly recommended that you dedicate some time to engage in hell tides. Your primary objective within these events is to eliminate enemies, acquiring a valuable resource that enables you to unlock chests containing guaranteed sacred legendary items. Although the drop rate is not an absolute 100%, it ranges between 80% and 90%, meaning you are likely to obtain a sacred legendary item. The chests' cost varies depending on their contents, such as armor being less expensive than a two-handed weapon or a piece of jewelry.

To make the most of these chests, you need to evaluate your map and the remaining time available, determining your desired rewards. Engage in farming enemies, slaying bosses, and participating in events within the hell tide zones to amass a significant quantity of this resource. Then, wisely spend your resource to acquire legendaries.

Moving on, let's discuss world bosses, which emerge once you complete the campaign. These formidable adversaries can be challenged alongside other players. It doesn't matter if you are part of a group or merely in their vicinity. When a world boss spawns, you will notice a marker on your map accompanied by a countdown timer, typically lasting 30 minutes. It is essential to reach the designated location and be present when the battle commences, or if fortunate, join in progress. Participating in defeating a world boss rewards you with a weekly chest containing numerous legendary items and crafting materials.

Furthermore, you are guaranteed to receive a legendary drop directly from the world boss itself. It is highly recommended to engage in these encounters whenever they appear, as they offer a reliable means of obtaining legendary items. Playing alongside other players adds an enjoyable dynamic, and based on my experience, these world bosses are not overly challenging. We have yet to fail in our attempts, making it almost a guaranteed rewarding experience.

Next, it is advisable to embark on side quests, conquer strongholds, and uncover the altars of Lilith. If you have not completed these tasks during the main game, which is highly likely, undertaking them becomes crucial. Accomplishing these objectives boosts your reputation with different factions within the game. It is important to reach at least rank three with each faction to unlock all the necessary skills and potions. This reputation will prove beneficial in nightmare dungeons. However, it is advisable to surpass rank three because reaching the highest rank with each region's reputation rewards you with four paragon points per region. Accumulating a total of 20 paragon points is a significant boost, contributing to your character's strength as you progress beyond levels 70 and 80.

Once you reach around level 70 and feel confident, you can challenge the Fallen Temple Capstone Dungeon located in the Dry Steps region. Completing this dungeon unlocks World Tier difficulty Four, enabling you to access the torment difficulty of the game, featuring more formidable foes and increased experience gains. Additionally, you will encounter ancestral items, which are even more powerful than sacred items, akin to how sacred items surpassed regular ones. Furthermore, unique items exclusive to this difficulty level await discovery, unavailable in World Tier Three. These are some of the key aspects to consider when approaching the endgame phase.

I highly recommend engaging in Tree of Whispers or Whispers of the Dead quests until you feel sufficiently prepared. If you encounter any challenges, consider undertaking additional Whispers of the Dead quests. Alternatively, if you are performing well, continue tackling nightmare dungeons to further enhance your gear and skills. Occasionally, you can mix things up by participating in Hell Tides or completing quests to gain reputation with specific factions, ultimately acquiring kill points and, eventually, additional paragon points.

I'd like to emphasize the importance of prioritizing your resistances and defense on higher difficulties of the game. In the early stages, much focus is placed on optimizing offensive capabilities, maximizing DPS, and swiftly eliminating enemies, which is a sound strategy that carries over to the endgame. However, it's crucial to note that enemies hit significantly harder in this phase. Neglecting your resistances and armor can lead to difficulties at some point.

While you may not encounter immediate challenges in the first few dungeons, you will eventually face a formidable obstacle, often due to overlooking the defensive aspects of your build. Therefore, ensure that your gear includes solid defensive skills, adequate resistances, and reliable armor. Equipping legendary aspects that can aid you in dire situations is also advisable. By paying attention to these defensive considerations, you will be better equipped to overcome tough encounters.

That concludes our Endgame Guide, providing you with valuable insights on what to prioritize as you reach this stage.

Additionally, once you complete the main campaign, if you have other existing characters or plan to create a new character of a different class, you can skip the campaign and directly engage in the Whispers of the Dead activities. Keep in mind that you will start at a lower tier of the game, as this activity is available at any tier. Nevertheless, this allows you to gain experience and diversify your gameplay by participating in activities beyond dungeons and side quests.

If you decide to skip the main campaign for these characters, simply access the menu and select "Skip campaign." This option remains available even if you have made progress with those characters or have existing characters from before completing the campaign.


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