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Diablo 4: Gold, Obol & Legendary Aspect Farming


Today, we will discuss an excellent method for farming Obols, earning money, and acquiring legendary aspects to enhance your gear and significantly boost your character's power in Diablo 4.

In Diablo 4, there is a highly effective strategy to accumulate vast amounts of gold and maximize your Obols. We will delve into the process of gambling for legendary aspects, allowing you to obtain the ones you desire and upgrade your character effortlessly.

The specific farming location I recommend is just outside Kyovashad. These events rotate periodically, possibly changing daily or every few hours. Among these events, the ones involving ancient siphons, such as the one near Kyovashad, are the easiest to clear quickly. I strongly advise locating similar events because once you understand the mechanics we are about to explain, you can apply them anywhere.

To begin, you need to eliminate enemies within the designated circles to trigger their explosion. Once you complete this task, a boss will spawn, and your objective is to defeat it. Whenever you encounter these events, I highly recommend farming them extensively due to their efficiency. Also, you can buy Diablo 4 boosting to enhance your game experience!

Upon completion of the event, you will receive experience points and a Radiant Chest, which contains murmuring ovals and various equipment. This chest may yield Legendaries, and the types you receive depend on the world you are in. After finishing the event, move away from its vicinity.

If you are playing solo, open your menu, navigate to the Game section, and choose to leave the game. Once you exit, re-enter the game. This loading process may be slower if you are playing on a PC with a slower solid-state drive (SSD), while PlayStation 5 or Xbox users should experience quicker loading times. Upon re-entering the game, the event should respawn, allowing you to continuously farm ovals and legendary armor.

This method enables you to amass hundreds of thousands of gold rapidly, in addition to obtaining a substantial number of ovals. These ovals are essential for farming legendary aspects, armor upgrades, and weapon enhancements. In a moment, we will explain how to utilize them for gambling to acquire specific legendary aspects.

If you are playing with a friend, instead of leaving the game, you can leave the party and then invite your friend back to the party. This action should also cause the event to respawn, making the process faster when playing cooperatively. However, it is still possible to perform this method solo, which is advantageous.

Currently, this entire process takes approximately one minute and 45 seconds. This duration includes killing the event, exiting the game, and reloading into it. Let's round it up to an even two minutes, which means you can complete 30 events within an hour.

If we assume the average return of Obols is 55 per event (on the lower end), you can accumulate 1,650 Obols in an hour. Additionally, if you acquire an average of two to three rare drops per run (although you are likely to receive more), you can earn around 1.9 million gold per hour. Depending on your luck with drops, this estimate could increase to 2.5 to 3 million gold. These calculations do not account for the items you will sell from your obelis gambling. I should note that I am currently playing on world tier three. If you are on a lower tier, you will receive slightly fewer rewards, while higher tiers will yield significantly more.

Some of you might be curious about the Tree of Whispers. Based on extensive testing, it does not seem worth pursuing. While it can provide a nice bonus if you are already in the area, actively seeking out grim favors and exchanging them at the tree rarely yields desirable results. Personally, I am not fond of this mechanic.

Now, let's explore aspect gambling, which represents the most effective method for increasing your character's power. It is crucial to farm specific aspects and avoid wasting your time.

Navigate to your collections and open the codecs of power section. Here, you can find all the aspects available in the open world. However, these are not the only aspects in the game. You can unlock others in dungeons and equip them on your armor, but they will be the lowest tier available for that specific aspect.

There are numerous excellent aspects that can only be obtained from armor. To acquire them, you need to obtain legendary armor pieces and extract the aspects from them. One of the easiest ways to accomplish this is by trading in your ovals for the appropriate item.

As you access higher world tiers, the legendary drop rate will likely increase. However, for now, this method is incredibly effective. Within the codecs of power, you will notice five different types of aspects: defensive, offensive, resource, utility, and mobility. Armed with this knowledge, you can use your ovals to gamble for the aspects you desire.

If you spend Obols on caps, you have a high chance of obtaining resource aspects. Gloves are ideal for offense and utility aspects. Boots are suitable for mobility and utility, while pants are useful for defense aspects. Some aspects can only be equipped on a ring, requiring you to spend extra ovals on rings. For example, as a barbarian, when you cast a shout skill, its cooldown is reduced by 1.7 seconds per nearby enemy. This aspect can only be acquired on rings. As I am currently searching for an offensive aspect, I will purchase several gloves, hoping to obtain legendaries in the process.

From the 500 Obols I had, I managed to obtain three legendaries. The number of legendaries you receive can vary, depending on your luck and the whims of RNG. Out of the three gloves, I obtained two offensive aspects and one utility aspect. If the item is an upgrade, you can equip it or extract the aspect and save it for later. This approach ensures you have powerful aspects available when you acquire significant upgrades. Once you have a desirable upgrade, you can insert the aspect into the slot, overwriting any previous imprints if desired.

While farming ovals and rare or legendary items Diablo 4 cheap, it is important to remember the materials you can obtain by breaking down unwanted gear. These materials can be valuable for upgrading, enchanting, or imprinting your weapons. Therefore, make sure to not only sell these items but also save some for dismantling. You may consider dedicating specific runs for selling items or breaking them down. This way, you will always have sufficient funds and materials to upgrade your equipment throughout your gameplay experience.


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