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Diablo 4 Vampiric Power Tier List


In Diablo 4 Season 2: Season of Blood, Vampiric Powers are a significant element that can be allocated to slots on the Sanguine Circle. These powers can significantly impact your character's damage output and survivability that allow you to further enable, or compensate your build’s shortcomings. So in this guide, we will breaks down Diablo 4 Leveling and Endgame Vampiric Power tier list.

The Best Vampiric Powers for Leveling

S: Hemomancy, Ravenous
A: Undying, Accursed Touch, Hectic, Moonrise, Flowing Veins, Prey on the Weak, Coven´s Fangs
B: Sanguine Brace, Anticipation, Metamorphosis
C: Feed the Coven, Jagged Spikes, Resilience
D: Infection, Rampart, Terror, Bathe in Blood, Call Familiar, Blood Boil

Hemomancy is the best ability that costs 3 Eternity Pacts to keep active on your Sanguine Circle. While active:

    Your attacks will deal 80% of your Maximum Life as additional damage
    This can occur a maximum of one time every four seconds
    Each enemy damaged by this powerful attack heals you for 1% of your Maximum Health

This ability not only can up the damage output of your attacks, but also can heal your life. So this Vampiric Power is incredibly strong for leveling because it can effortlessly clear the entire screen. Also, the healing it provides is very impactful while leveling because you can’t fully make use of Undying yet due to lack of Attack Speed.

Ravenous is an interesting ability, in that it is incredibly effective at what it does, but has a higher cost than you would like for the level of power. This power requires 3 Ferocity Pacts to keep active and is locked behind a Seasonal Quest (A Witness In The Dust).

    Lucky Hit: Up to a 20% chance to increase your Attack Speed by 40% of your Total Movement Speed for 6 seconds.

While it has only one effect, when it comes to leveling, this is arguably the second strongest Vampiric Power after Hemomancy because not only does the Attack Speed it provides increase your damage, but it also increases your animation speed, which means faster movement.

The Best Vampiric Powers for Endgame

S: Undying, Flowing Veins, Metamorphosis
A: Ravenous, Prey on the Weak, Hemomancy, Anticipation, Hectic, Accursed Touch, Moonrise
B: Coven’s Fangs, Domination, Resilience, Sanguine Brace
C: Feed the Coven, Jagged Spikes, Blood Boil
D: Infection, Rampart, Terror, Bathe in Blood, Call Familiar

Undying is one of the rare defensive Vampiric Powers that is highly rated, and that is because it is often relevant several times per Elite Pack, and even more during Boss Fights. For the low price of 25 Potent Blood and 1 Eternity Pact, you can:

    Heal for 3% of your Maximum Life every time you cast an ability
    If you are low enough (under 50%) this benefit doubles

All but the rare Channeling builds will routinely cast new abilities, meaning that just about anyone can benefit enough from Undying to make it worth the slot. In addition, because this heal is for a percentage of your maximum health rather than a flat number, it is equally useful for all classes, rather than being better for those with lower health pools.

Flowing Veins is the ideal power for those that stack damage over time skills, such as the Bleed Barbarian or the Shadow Necromancer. It requires six total pacts to keep active, 2 Ferocity, 2 Divinity, and 2 Eternity. While active, you gain the following benefit:

    Any enemies that are moving or affected by a Vampire Curse take 60% increased damage over time

Considering the buffs to burn damage for sorcerers, as well as the continued viability of Shadow Necromancy, Poison Rogues, and Bleed Barbarians, this power has some potential. For the best results, you'll want to kite enemies so that they are frequently moving, and/or pair this with a way to inflict curses.

Metamorphosis is acquired from the Hunt Board introduced in this season, so you'll have to grind for it. Activating this power takes 2 Ferocity Pacts, 2 Divinity Pacts, and 2 Eternity Pacts. Despite this high buy-in cost, the power itself is too strong to ignore. While active:

    Your Evade turns you into an Unstoppable cloud of bats
    Enemies you move through will take 160% Physical Damage
    Enemies you move through are afflicted with a Vampiric Curse

What makes Metamorphosis so strong is its incredible versatility. Almost every viable build is improved by having Metamorphosis equipped. This is because the Unstoppable status is key for defense and dodging in higher World Tiers, as is any status effect that causes enemies to take increased damage.

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