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Madden 24: How To Choose A Playbook Suitable For You


No matter which team you choose to play with in Madden 24, you can always choose any playbook to use. There are many differents playbooks in the game, so choose a playbook suitable for you is very important, which can make all the difference in the world. In this post, we are going to teach you how to choose playbook suitable for you in Madden 24.

Note: All these info come from Ezmut. If you want to get more tips to obtian the best gaming experience, please follow it.

Find Your Style

If you don't know your style of playstyle yet, you'd better ask yourself first. Are you better at passing or running the ball? Do you prefer a strong defense or an aggressive offense? Depending on the strengths of your team, you must choose a playbook that fits your talents and the scheme you want to run. It doesn’t make sense to take a pocket passer with no speed and run the Pistol playbook!

Test It

Once you have figured out the strength of your team and what style of offense you want to run, take your playbook into practice mode. By testing different plays and formations, you can identify which ones work most effectively for you. This includes both offensive and defensive plays that complement your skills and provide consistent results.

Create A Mini Scheme

A mini scheme is a small group of plays out of one formation that you save for later in the game. If you need a quick drive at the end of the half, you can go to your mini scheme and give the defense a look they have never seen before. Some playbooks feature overlap of formations, so if you find a few formations from different books, look around and see if there is one that contains all of them! A good example is a formation like Singleback Bunch. You can have a Four Verticals play that attacks downfield with a Y Trail play that attacks underneath.

Go Custom

Once you start to get some familiarity with multiple playbooks, you can take the best of what you’ve found and make a custom playbook. This is a solid feature that the hard-core fans of Madden utilize to really give their playbook a feel of its own. You can take out those formations that you never use to make it cleaner and add any new formations you find effective. This is something you can constantly tweak during the season and that can even fit multiple styles of play.

Set Your Audibles

When you choose a playbook or build a custom book, make sure to set and save your audibles. With the brand-new deeper system in Madden 24, setting up your audibles is very important. Learning how to get to multiple formations quickly through the use of personnel audibles will put stress on your opponent to make adjustments.

It ends here. That is all you need to know about how to choose a playbook suitable for you in Madden 24. Now master these, when you finally get into a game, you will have the perfect playbook ready to beat your opponent!



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